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Oscar's Can of Grouchy Tips

1.  Rent skis and locker Here:

  Vista Bahn Ski Rentals:


2.  Get ALL your lift tickets ahead of time, Peaks Pass and the EpicMix RF Tracker - NOW!


3.  Ski Blue Sky Basin

4.  Take a crap BEFORE you leave the house...crapping while wearing ski boots sucks!

5.  Eat lunch at Elk Lodge or Chili Shack

6.  Bring your cell phone

7.  Update Facebook & Hash Tag on Twitter all day long

8.  You MUST ski Pepe's Face on way back to Vail Village and go to Los McCarthos-Amigos Après and drink Margaritas by 2:30 - required!

9.  Wear a GoPro

10.  Do your banking here #BankOfLos

11.  Shop here:



Social Calendar

Wednesday - Arrival; Dinner @ GasHouse...Rocky Mountain Oysters come as a garnish to any beer left on the table.

Thursday - Skiing at Vail; Los Amigos; Dinner by McGlew or GasHouse.

Friday - Skiing at Vail; Los Amigos; Dinner & drinks at the Red Lion Inn...reservation at 8PM.

Saturday - Skiing at Vail; Los Amigos; Dinner will be TBD; Hold 'Em tournament at the house.

Sunday - Los skis again!


Monday - Depart...


2017 Line-UP


Mr. Los McCarthos himself!



   HassellHoff - The Hoff knows snow...

Mr. Snow-It-All!



Forlizzi - Derriere



Basilie - a.k.a. Nicholas D. Woodman and owner of Pumpkin Larkspur Restaurant



Dupee - Hello, and Thank You for calling Banana Phone!  Please use your touchtone phone to make your recipe selection...Press 1 for Banana Bread, Press 2 for Banana Muffins, Press 3 for Banana Bonkers.


The Beloved Chaka - everyone's favorite pet


 Belvedere - Robo


Official Pledge Beer



















Beaver List



Condo - SVP! 

Said out but doesn't really mean it


Debono - Song Writer of ChakaCock a One Hit Wonder (turn your speakers on)...gets married and throws in the rope!


Pledge Finley - Response last year was...And I Quote... "Wifey keeps me on a short leash"...he really typed this!


Pledge Froggy - Maybe - Will book his flight at the last minute.....if you're licky.



Couch Boy...Gee, I wonder who he's imitating here....Hhhmmm?




Dorskey - 6'4"  &  Da Da DA Dorkey



Shit Bo - Maybe - Only takes vacation in wine country with his Tuxedo (Ride that pony Bondo)

Beaver Shot Missing


Willy - has a burlap crack




































Click Below to See "Los at the Theatres"



Vail Glades & Blue Sky Basin:  Los McCarthos Episode 3 (February 2011)

Vail Los Feb 2011 - Rough Cuts

LosMcCarthos 2009 - Spanglish



From left to right...The Original FOG, Rocky Mountain Oyster Lover (Licky-Licky) and The Band Leader


The Sack


The Pack


The Monkey




Official Cock Blocker Jacket




Tea Bag










































































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